How a General Dentist Treats Tooth Function Issues

How a General Dentist Treats Tooth Function Issues from Amir Sanjabi Dental in Downey, CAYou can see your general dentist for tooth disorders. Various dental problems arise over time. Most of them affect the way your teeth function. If you want to know how your general dentist treats tooth function problems, here are the details.


Any general dentist warns about cavities. These are silent destroyers. They start as tiny holes. Bacteria gather and become plaque. This sticky substance targets the enamel. Infants, children, and adults can have cavities.

Treating cavities is important. The dentist will examine the patient’s teeth and see the extent of the damage. The application of fillings will close up the small holes and the deeper cavities. A root canal will take care of the tooth if the cavity has reached the pulp. Tooth-colored fillings are popular because they blend with the natural tooth structures in the mouth. It is also possible to have a dental sealant treatment for additional protection against cavities.


Dental pain can happen at any time. Anything can cause it. Unbearable tooth pain needs the attention of a general dentist. The patient’s mouth will undergo a visual examination. Pus or swelling around the tooth and fever are possible signs of a dental abscess. This is a more serious issue in need of antibiotics and a possible root canal procedure.

Chipped tooth

This is a common injury that can affect a tooth’s function. A chipped tooth becomes weak. The chipped site may be the start of further damage. Its enamel is not that effective anymore. Infection can set in. Pain and sensitivity may happen.

The general dentist can apply dental bonding to a front chipped tooth, especially if the chip is small. A larger chip on a chewing surface will need a string resin material or a dental crown. Damage to the pulp will call for a root canal. A crown or a veneer will then follow.

Fractured or cracked tooth

A strong impact on the face can cause a tooth to crack. The damage can start and stop at the crown. For this case, the general dentist will try to repair the cracked crown with dental bonding. A fracture extending below the gumline means extraction. The dentist will not be able to save the tooth anymore. Replacing the tooth with an artificial tooth will be the next step.

Sensitivity to cold

Sharp pain from eating or drinking something cold is a frustrating problem. Finding the cause is what the general dentist will do first. Cavities, periodontitis, fracture, exposed roots, or worn enamel could be causing it. The dentist might recommend a gum graft, root canal, or a dental filling. The patient may also need a fluoride gel or a desensitizing toothpaste.

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Tooth function can come back with the help of your general dentist

A tooth must function well to help you achieve optimal health. Your general dentist can examine your tooth first and provide immediate solutions. Proper biting and chewing should resume soon. An urgent appointment with your general dentist can help you regain the function of your tooth.

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