Inman aligners

™ iNMAN aligners

Rapid correction of teeth earlier rotations, after crowding, and adult relapse without the need for multiple devices.

The Inman aligners used spiral springs NiTi a gentle force applied to the teeth without the need for multiple expensive devices to complete the correction. Both lingual and labial components work together as if they were opposing Pistons to move teeth. In the majority of cases, the device is ideal for correct anterior rotations, after crowding, and relapse adult teeth.

The teeth move great distances

The Inman aligners achieve a controlled and continuous movement of the teeth over one greater distance compared with conventional aligners. This pre-programmed appliance makes adjustments virtually unnecessary. Precise alignment is achieved with a single device.

Comfortable for patients

NiTi spiral springs gives the Inman aligners adjustment and easy touch, compared with annoying pressure that is felt with rigid Springs aligners.

Cash for retraction and crossbite

Inman aligners components can also be used for a wide range of applications. The labial component is effective to retract the anterior teeth. This component replaces the use of elastic and the associated problems up into the gum.

Cross bite prior to using the lingual component can be corrected. Using it as a fixed or removable appliance, this variation of the Inman aligner eliminates the need for springs more long, screws and adjustments.

Option: Only motion Lingual to Labial

Similar in function to the the Inman aligners, this modification is ideal for individuals who require an incisor alignment tongue-to-lip, with limited labial-a – lingual need. The lingual component work as piston-type force to move teeth in a labial direction.  Acrylic bow helps control the incisor alignment from the lip when the teeth are pushed out.

Aligners iNMAN ™ frequently asked questions

Are the Inman aligners new?
Patients have been treated with Inman aligners since 2000. In the U.S. approximately 450 to 500 new patients prescribed them treatment with Inman aligners every month.

Are the Inman aligners to Invisalign comparable?
No, the Inman aligners are used to treat only the teeth forward above and below. Invisalign can try the full arch (all their teeth).

Be uncomfortable treatment with Inman aligners?
No. Due to mild but constant orthodontics generated forces, appliances are easily tolerated.  We suggest taking aspirin or Tylenol for the first days of treatment if you find any discomfort.

Will it affect me talk to the Inman aligners?
If. The Inman aligner will affect talk during a week or two. But you aclimatará is equipment with time and will be able to speak well with them put.

It will I need to see the doctor for adjustments?
The Inman aligners are pre-programmed to reduce the necessity of visiting our office. We recetaremos you a treatment for your needs.



This young woman wanted a fantastic smile but was not prepared to that your teeth are ground as a stump to place veneers and also did not want fixed braces on your teeth. The Inman aligners gave him the perfect solution and after that his top teeth were straightened everything that was missing was a little bleach and some composite adhesive to replace old fillings in their two front teeth. Your top teeth are straightened in only 12 weeks.


She was so happy that it was made to straighten teeth below.

Tracy was concerned about the wear and deterioration of their front teeth that were overheads. These cases are usually treated with porcelain veneers. They can give excellent results but when teeth are a little twisted, many times, a large part of the tooth is needed down to put the tooth in the correct position.

Instead she decided to first straighten your teeth with Inman aligners. The teeth were straightened out in 10 weeks. It is clear that they are instead of veneers, teeth were bleached it and edges reformed with adhesive compounds without lowering nothing.

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