Emergency Dentist Downey, CA

While patients can avoid many oral problems with preventative care and regular visits to the dentist, emergency dental treatment is occasionally necessary. Dentists may administer this type of care during or outside of regular office hours to help patients with various oral problems, such as infections or missing teeth. Emergency dental treatment is care administered to relieve mouth pain without prior scheduling.

Emergency dental treatment is available at Amir Sanjabi Dental in Downey and the surrounding area. We use this type of treatment to care for many common mouth problems to improve patients' oral health. Proper care and treatment are essential for helping patients recuperate from a dental emergency.

If you are experiencing severe mouth pain and need immediate medical treatment, call us at (562) 399-9243 to make an appointment and have your oral health restored.

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    Emergency dentist infographic: Dental emergencies include cracked, broken, or knocked-out adult teeth.
    Emergency dentist infographic: An emergency dentist is any dentist who can treat dental emergencies.
    Emergency dentist infographic: When patients forgo a necessary visit to an emergency dentist, they may lose their teeth and negatively affect their health.
    Emergency dentist infographic: If you find yourself in a life-threatening emergency, then the situation is better-suited to be treated at the emergency room.
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