Laser Gum Treatment

LANAP Periolase – Approved FDA Laser Gum Treatment Reverses Gum Disease.


Dr. McAllister teaches other dentists and periodontists the correct way to use LANAP Laser Periodontal Surgery (laser gum surgery), so that more patients will be able to enjoy the benefits of LANAP laser periodontal surgery, and laser dentistry.

What is LANAP?

Laser-assisted New Attachment Procedure is a standard gum surgery designed to treat periodontitis.
If you have gum disease and would like to reverse it, LANAP may be the right procedure for you!

First, local anesthesia is administered.
Second, a short-duration laser pulse is used on the pockets around the patient’s afflicted teeth, which
are probed down, about a quarter of an inch. This destroys bacteria and pathologic proteins near the

Third, connective tissue is preserved, while the infected tissue is destroyed.

Typically, two or three passes with the laser clear the infected pocket.

With LANAP, no surgical glue, bone graft material, stitches, collagen plugs or sutures are needed.

Last but not least, John McAllister’s Family & Cosmetic Dentistry recommends diet guidelines and
special oral hygiene instructions to all LANAP patients, after the procedure is completed.

Watch this great video that explains LANAP.

What is Laser Periodontal Therapy™?
LANAP Laser Periodontal Surgery or Laser Periodontal Therapy™ treats periodontal diseases using a new laser technique. The PerioLase Laser is used with this laser gum treatment. We do not use scalpels and there are no sutures used with laser gum treatment, so the fear of treatment of gum disease simply vanishes. LANAP Laser Periodontal Surgery is the latest in the treatment of gum disease.

Our Laser Gum Dentist is pleased to be the first office in the region to provide the Laser Periodontal Therapy™ laser gum treatment option for the treatment of gum disease (i.e. periodontitis, gingivitis). The new LANAP Laser Periodontal Surgery laser gum treatment is pain free, and highly effective. See Patient Video Testimonialspatient testimonials.

How Does LANAP Laser Periodontal Surgery Work?
Bacteria that are responsible for gum disease live inside your tissues the laser selectively targets the main bacteria responsible for Periodontits. Tartar is linked to inflamed gums that often bleed. In the treatment of gum disease tartar would be removed from the tooth’s root surface using a small ultrasonic scaler. The laser gum treatment is much gentler than traditional scalpel and suture Flap and bone recountouring procedure, because the treatment utilizes the laser of the Periolase to destroy and disinfect the tissue and the root surface. The light energy targets the tooth and gum and eliminates the infection. Using the laser gum treatment, the laser light’s energy deals with the bacteria of gum disease by gently removing small amounts of diseased gum tissue, and reducing bacteria. Once cleaned, your gums start to naturally heal. See several before and after LANAP cases.

Is LANAP Laser Periodontal Surgery Painful?
While the LANAP Laser Periodontal Surgery and the actual laser gum treatment are painless, we still anesthetize to provide the most comfort during your treatment of gum disease. Post procedure discomfort lasts only a short period of time. Read our LANAP Laser Gum Procedure Testimonials and see what others have to say, and find out about the periodontal disease treatment cost.

How Much Time Does the Laser Gum Treatment Take?
The length of your laser gum treatment will depend on how severe your periodontal disease is and the degree of treatment of gum disease you need. It can take one or more visits to the office for treatment and this is reflected in your periodontal disease treatment cost. Your dentist will discuss with you your treatment of gum disease, individual laser gum treatment plan, and LANAP Laser Periodontal Surgery, along with periodontal disease treatment cost.

Compared to Traditional Gum Surgery is LANAP Laser Periodontal Surgery More Costly?
Periodontal disease treatment costs for LANAP (laser gum surgery) as generally similar to traditional types of gum surgery. Laser gum surgery treatments for the treatment of gum disease are considered a normal periodontal disease treatment cost. However, there are factors in the treatment of gum disease, which can affect the cost of laser gum surgery.

A number of insurance plans have periodontal disease treatment cost coverage so they will pay a portion of your laser gum surgery costs. You should discuss your payments with our dental office because we do provide periodontal disease treatment cost financing options for laser gum treatment and the latest laser gum surgery. We want our patients to be able to enjoy the comfort of the new laser treatment of gum disease.

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