Are You Aware of How Much Pumpkin Can Benefit Your Oral Health?

Posted on 9/30/2019 by Amir Sanjabi, DDS
Are You Aware of How Much Pumpkin Can Benefit Your Oral Health?Most people are aware that the food they eat plays a role in their oral health. They think that if they avoid eating foods with a lot of sugar or acidic foods, they will avoid any problems.

What many do not realize is that as important as it is to limit some types of foods, there are other foods that they should include that can benefit their oral health. If you add pumpkin into your diet, you will soon see how it can help improve your oral health.

How Pumpkin Offers Help

Pumpkins offer many things. They can turn into delicious dishes that everyone can enjoy. They also contain important minerals and vitamins for your body. Adding these vitamins and minerals can help offset the negative impact of the sugary foods that people typically eat around the times pumpkins show up in the home. Pumpkins are a good source of iron, zinc and magnesium. They contain Vitamin A and C. These are things that can play an important role in your oral health.

The Benefits of Pumpkin

Knowing what vitamins and minerals are found in pumpkins does not tell you how those things benefit your oral health. Iron helps transport oxygen to the body. A lack of iron can lead to infections and bacteria buildup. Magnesium helps strengthen the enamel. Zinc can prevent bacterial growth and the formation of plaque. Vitamin A helps with the production of the saliva that helps wash away debris and bacteria. Vitamin C can help prevent gingivitis. A lack of vitamin C can lead to bleeding gums and loose teeth.

All these things are found in other foods, but pumpkins provide this without the ill effects that the other foods often have. It is time for you to stop looking at a pumpkin as a decoration for Halloween and instead turn it into something to improve your oral health. We are ready to see you come into our office. Call us to schedule your next appointment.
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