Why Do Cavities Increase When You Get Too Little Sleep?

Posted on 3/20/2020 by Amir Sanjabi, DDS
Why Do Cavities Increase When You Get Too Little Sleep?It is discovered lack of sleep is very dangerous to our dental and oral health. There has been substantial research that relates to the amount of sleep you get each night to the development of a condition called periodontitis, forming deep pockets between your gums and your teeth.

It's the condition of this pocket that loosens and moves your teeth, and when they move around the problem, they destroy the bone that holds your teeth. Research was also related to the rise in enamel loss and starting of cavities.

The Body Depends on the Health of the Mouth, Too

It has been long developed conclusion about the mouth body connection. All we do with our body affects the other pieces. Factors like sleep, diet, exercise, stress are all affecting our health and dental health. It is widely believed that those who receive quality sleep at night of at least 8 hours have less chance of any oral health issues, particularly the occurrence of periodontitis and cavities.

Sleep and Inflammation Are Connected

The less sleep you get, the more pain your gums have. Yes, the body releases more inflammatory factors when there is little rest, and this inflammation is what leads to gingivitis, and then to cavities and periodontitis as well.

For example, high levels of inflammation can cause high blood pressure, increased stroke frequency, increased risk of heart disease, obesity, and even Alzheimer's initiation was related to lack of sleep. Such higher levels of inflammation in your body influence any aspect of your wellbeing. Sleep is important to our health; we can no longer afford to abuse our bodies and not see the effects in other areas.

If you are having some chronic issues of oral health and you are not sleeping well and would like to talk to our dentist to discuss what options for treatment may be available to you, please call our office.
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