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How We Make Root Canals Better?

Posted on 4/26/2021 by Amir Sanjabi, DDS
A root canal procedure today is like any routine dental procedure. In the past, a root canal procedure required a lot of recovery time and involved a lot of pain. Today, our professionals focus on performing comfortable and painless root canal procedures for better oral health. The Importance of a Root Canal Many patients believe that if a tooth is so bad that it requires a root canal, it is better to extract it. The truth is saving your original tooth has multiple benefits. Unless necessary, our professionals avoid tooth extraction. A root canal procedure involves extracting the infected pulp and cleaning out the nerve completely. We help get rid of any pain or discomfort you are suffering before the procedure. The reason people want to get their tooth extracted is because of the pain they are in. Our professionals first help soothe the pain, numb the area, and only then begin the procedure. Apart from a little pressure in your mouth, you won't feel a thing. We also prescribe medication post the procedure for quicker healing. Our root canal procedures are highly successful and post-treatment your teeth will be as good as new. Long-Lasting Results Unlike tooth extraction that also requires a dental implant which involves an additional expense, a root canal procedure helps keep the root of the tooth intact. After the wound has healed, you can opt for a filling or a crown depending on the gap. Since your roots are intact there will be no fear of jaw degeneration. The crowns used after the root canal procedure not only look like natural teeth but also function like them. When you visit our professionals for a root canal procedure, we eliminate any doubts you have regarding the pain or discomfort often associated with the procedure. Restore your natural smile and keep your teeth healthy with the right dental procedures. Give us a call today and we will help decide the best dental procedures for you....

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