LAPIP stands for Laser Assisted Peri Implantitis Procedure and is an alternative to traditional Flap and Osseos surgery for implants.


The procedure is for people who have gum disease around Dental Implants. Here are the highlights:

  1. For an accurate diagnosis your dentist will have to take a full series of X-Rays and evaluate the bone support around your implants.
  2. Then, and this is critically important, your dentist needs to evaluate your gums by taking six measurements per implant with a periodontal probe.
  3. The instrument is placed between your gum and your dental implant and a measurement is taken in millimeters. Healthy numbers are one, two and three millimeters. Anything greater than three as well as bleeding is a sign of gum disease.
  4. If your dentist does not take these measurements it is time to find a new dentist. Gum disease is responsible for being the number one cause of implant loss.
  5. The laser procedure, unlike traditional gum surgery, requires no cutting or amputating of the gums.
  6. Since the tissue is not amputated nor pealed off the bone, no sutures are needed.
  7. Patients who have gone through LAPIP treatment usually say that the day after and the week after they only have about a two on the pain scale from one to ten.

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LAPIP is done with the periolase laser. Don’t be fooled by anyone that uses a different laser and claims to do LAPIP. BUYER BEWARE!

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(We have also included the cost to have the procedure done.)

These are Before and After X-Rays of LAPIP.  Notice the bone filling in after the procedure.


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