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How much pain will I have with Gum Surgery?

My biggest shock while doing LANAP has been the amount of pain the patients experience after the surgery.  I have been a dentist for over 20 years and have done surgeries with scalpels and Electrosurg units.  After using the electrosurg on small areas patients would report extreme pain the next day.  So after I started doing LANAP I expected to hear the patients screaming with pain!  It is a very invasive surgery, but when I would ask them the next day and next week “How much pain are you in on a scale of 1-10″  they would say about a 2.  For everything I knew they should have been in extreme pain at least a 9+.   Some would even say a 0?  I researched the subject and it turns out that the laser singes the nerve endings and does not allow the pain response to be registered.

Here is a patient that went through traditional Flap Osseous Surgery on top and Laser on the bottom.  I asked him to relate his experience.


Here is another patient that previously had traditional gum Surgery on only one tooth then she had full mouth LANAP done and she relates her experience.


This is another person that has had Periolase LANAP Periodontal Gum Surgery.  He compares his experience with traditional Flap and Osseous Surgery.  The LANAP procedure does not use any scalpels or sutures.


Here is a patient that was interviewed only one week after Laser Gum Procedure LANAP on one side. One week later the other side was done with LANAP and veneers on the two front teeth.  She shares her experience with Laser Periodontist Treatment.


This patient is very sensitive to any dental procedure and shares his experience with Laser Gum Therapy LANAP. 


This patient was told to remove her teeth and have dentures or implants placed. She presented with very loose teeth.


Patient had LANAP done and shares her experience.


Patient had Mini Implants and LANAP.


Patient had LANAP. See the X-ray evidence of bone regrowth.


Another patient had LANAP see the X-ray evidence of bone regrowth.


LANAP helped this patient control his diabetes.


Diabetes and Gum disease Video


The next three videos are all the same patient.
First video shows the original condition.


Patient shares his experience 1 week after Laser Periodontal surgery.


This video is a response to several specialists Periodontists and Prosthodontists in the dental community who had very negative critiques after seeing the case on an on line community called Dentaltown.


Another patient shares his experience with LANAP.


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Sisters from Kentucky had Laser gum treatment.


Patient had Gum Surgery with Dr. Wheeler.


Patient from Ameridontics in Arizona talks about her experience.


Patient in Arizona has LANAP done and explains her experience with gum Surgery.


Review of Laser Gum Therapy


Patient had LANAP done with Dr Bob Gregg


Here are some patients who have had Mini Implants

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