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Are your gums inflamed, painful or bleeding? Are you embarrassed by a gummy smile? Have you been ignoring the signs of gum disease? If you’ve experienced these or other gum issues, we have innovative solutions to help you build a solid foundation for your smile! Completely changing soft tissue treatment in Downey, CA for the better, laser gum surgery has effectively treated gum disease and cosmetic gum issues. Unlike traditional gum surgery, it is minimally invasive and doesn’t require scalpels or sutures, which means an easier procedure and less overall healing time for you!

Let us build a healthy foundation for your smile with laser gum surgery in Downey, CA.

Laser gum surgery targets gum overgrowth and infection with extraordinary precision, which increases efficiency and success. For your convenience and ease, we take great pride in offering our patients the most effective treatments, all in one location at Amir Sanjabi Dental! Let us build a healthy foundation for your smile with laser gum surgery in Downey, CA with targeted treatment for successful results.

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The Advantages of Laser Gum Surgery

By harnessing the power of a dental laser, we can target significant gum issues with precision and accuracy. On top of being a comfortable, minimally invasive procedure, laser gum surgery has many advantages compared to traditional gum surgery, including:

Comprehensive Laser Gum Procedures

At Amir Sanjabi Dental, our skilled dental team can take care of your gum problems with our comprehensive laser gum procedures. Dr. Amir Sanjabi has extensive training and years of experience performing soft tissue procedures for a variety of conditions, from gum disease to gummy smiles and receding gums.

Dr. Sanjabi is specially trained and certified to provide LANAP in Downey, CA. Without scalpels or sutures, this advanced procedure is a more comfortable alternative to traditional gum disease treatment, as it is minimally invasive, requires fewer visits, and results in a faster overall recovery time. This laser gum surgery targets gum disease with precision and accuracy, which increases success rates and reduces the recurrence of gum disease. Using a dental laser, Dr. Sanjabi will combat infection by removing any bacteria present in your gums and jawbone. At the same time, LANAP supports soft tissue regeneration and encourages the development of new attachments between gum tissue and bone, all while fortifying your natural teeth. Schedule your LANAP consultation today to renew your oral health.

Dr. Sanjabi is also a fully certified provider of LAPIP, the leading treatment for peri-implantitis, a progressive condition that can cause inflammation and significant bone loss in tissues around dental implants. Our dentist will use a dental laser to remove damaged tissue and target bacteria in the infected gums. While the procedure fights infection, it also encourages new tissue growth. LAPIP in Downey, CA is the preferred treatment for 95% of failing implants, resulting in reintegration and bone growth.

Laser pocket disinfection is a dental procedure that destroys harmful bacteria found deep in pockets between the gums and teeth. Routine cleanings are unable to target these deep pockets, but LPD can be performed in conjunction with your standard cleanings to prevent widespread infection and gum disease.

Spots on your gum (gingival hyperpigmentation) may make you feel self-conscious. There are many causes of gingival hyperpigmentation, including genetics, smoking, certain medications, health conditions, metal crowns and poor oral hygiene. Laser depigmentation, also known as gum bleaching, can target areas of concern to remove hyperpigmentation and renew the esthetic appeal of your smile.
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We Help You Manage the Cost of Laser Gum Surgery

While the cost of your laser gum surgery depends on your treatment plan, you can rest assured you’ll reap the benefits of restored gum health for years to come. Plus, you’ll enjoy a speedier recovery time and increased comfort in contrast to traditional gum surgeries. We go over all the cost details associated with your treatment in advance, so there are no surprises. To remove financial barriers for you, we have partnered with leading dental finance companies who offer affordable loans with manageable monthly payments, and our financial coordinator can file any insurance claims on your behalf, so you don’t have to worry about what, how or when to file. Our goal is to make laser gum surgery accessible and affordable for you!

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Laser gum surgery can effectively target all your gum issues!

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