Cost of Laser Treatment

How much does LANAP cost?


Each case is unique though it is about the same cost for Traditional Osseous Periodontal Surgery. Though it can be less, considering deep cleaning also known as Scaling and Root Planing does not need to be done prior to LANAP. That would save you about $1000 and four hours of work.

For a full mouth case it is around $6,000. We offer financing for about $100 a month.

The health benefits are difficult to estimate though Aetna Medical and Columbia University did a study that showed a 16% reduction in health care related costs by having healthy gums.

If you consider the cost of one implant with bone grafting it is about the same. 32 to 1 not bad.

Or if you consider what it would cost to remove all your teeth and have dentures made it is about the same cost. Though you would keep your teeth. Then consider 40,000 for upper and lower fixed implant supported bridges.

A famous philosopher once said “It is more blessed to give than to receive.”

Happiness is a spiritual reality -it’s a quality of the spirit- and it’s found more in giving than in receiving, whether in relationships or other ways.

In spite of the crass materialism of our culture – in spite of the countless messages that assure us every day that happiness is to be found in having more – many people are aware at some level that all the SUV’s, second homes, electronic gadgets, stylish clothes and large bank accounts, etc. can never buy them happiness, because happiness is elsewhere.

In my opinion LANAP is in essence giving more than we receive for the service.

I believe that only the dental benefits of one quadrant of LANAP should be worth more than $10,000. Full mouth its a steal at $40K.

Even though I feel the value of LANAP is worth more than $40K I have not charged more than $6,000 for a case.

This does not include the Medical benefits.

Health benefits of healthy gums.

We offer financing in order to make it comfortable for your budget.

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This is an interview with a Periodontist using the Periolase he talks about the old way of gum surgery Flap an Osseous surgery. Talks about removing bad breath, bleeding gums, swollen gums, loose teeth, and saving lives with the Periolase.


You are always welcome to come in for a Complementary consultation.

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