Surgery Bone Flap

This presentation is about LANAP
LANAP is an acronym for Laser assisted New Attachment Procedure
LANAP is the no cut no sew laser alternative to Flap Osseous gum surgery
The procedure is for people who have gum disease also known as Early Moderate and severe Periodontists, I has Also been referred to as gingivitis, pyorrhea, Rapidly progressive periodontitis, Trench mouth, and Aggressive Periodontists.

How do you know you have Gum Disease?  In this slide you can see the person had advanced periodontal disease the very loose and they easily bled on brushing and flossing Your teeth gums should NEVER bleed when you brush and floss.  Your gums should not bleed any more than your skin does.  Ask yourself what would it take to make your arm or leg to bleed if you brushed and flossed them.  whatever it would take to make your skin bleed that is the same amount of force that should make your gums bleed.
You need to see a dentist and they have to take a full series of xrays and evaluate the bone around your teeth support.

Then and this is critically important you need to have your gums and evaluated 6 measurements per tooth need to be made with a periodontal probe.The instrument is placed between your gum and your tooth and a measurement is taken in millimeters. In this slide the yellow markings represent 3 millimeters 6 millimeters 9 millimeters then 12 millimeters.  You can see the reading on this patient to be at two and a half millimeters depth.

These are periodontal chartings of a patent that had Advanced gum disease.  If your dentist does not take these measurements it is time to find a new dentist. Gum disease is responsible for being the number one cause of tooth loss.  In the United States consider one third of americans over 65 have no teeth most of them lost their teeth to gum disease. Lanap can reverse gum disease.

LANAP has FDA clearance to reverse gum disease
The laser procedure unlike traditional gum surgery requires no cutting or amputating of the gums
Since the tissue is not amputated nor pealed off the bone no sutures are needed
Patents who have gone through treatment usually say the day after and a week after that they have about a two on a pain scale of one to ten. 

We also see radiographic bone growth occurring after the lanap procedure. Here is one of many where you can see the dark hole in the before and then the area filling in afterwards. 

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