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Raymond - All-on-x patient
"Periodontal Disease Took My Teeth, Dental Implants Gave Them Back!"

Hi. My name is Raymond, and the procedure I had here done at Dr. Sanjabi’s is the All-on-X. Before any work was done in my mouth, what I was dealing with was, all of a sudden, the fear of my tooth was getting loose. That’s how it originally started. As that progressed, it eventually fell out. I went to have it looked at, and I had a severe case of gingivitis so my gums were being pulled back, eventually more teeth would get loose. I let it sit for a little bit. Well, it’s one tooth is your thought, then another falls, then another falls. Now, it becomes an issue where I’m still fairly young. Pretty soon, I won’t be able to digest or chew food. It became a really health concern, just bacteria is still there, it’s still moving through my mouth, could go through my body. Let’s get it done.

Before any work was done in my mouth, what I was dealing with was, all of a sudden, the fear of my tooth was getting loose.

Dr. Sanjabi:

Well, when Ray came into the door and I did my exam, I found a lot of problems that we had to address. He had a lot of periodontal disease, which means gum disease. It had taken a lot of toll on his bone because when you have those kinds of infection, the bone gets injured in a way that the teeth lose their structure and they’re not able to stay put anymore.

After depleting all of our options and talking about the different solutions that would be fitted for him, we reached to a conclusion that best alternative would be the All-on-X treatment. We planned the case very thoroughly just because we had limited amount of bone already. One of the advantages that we had was the digital workflow. These cases are extremely hard in the sense that you have to know what the outcome is going to be and to be able to place the implants in the correct position to optimize the results.


When I met with Dr. Sanjabi, he had pretty much have stated everything else that the other offices were stating. Eventually, they were going to come up so we need to be more proactive, handle it. It would have been a full procedure so all my teeth have to get pulled out and we would have to go full implants. There was no ifs, ands, or buts, onesies or twosies. I was way beyond that point, which was probably my fault because I waited. I felt comfortable with them to, “Okay, fine. Let’s go on and move forward.”

Dr. Sanjabi:

All in all, Ray is healing now. He’s about to go down the road to the finals, and we’re very happy and excited for him. It’s a matter of month or two. He’s very happy with the outcome. His main issue was that he wanted to be able to function without any pain. He wanted to be able to eat healthier, to pretty much change around his lifestyle. As is now, I feel that we’ve been able to give him all those requirements that he put for us, and we’re super psyched for what lies ahead for him with the new and finished set of teeth that is going to happen within a month.


Coming to Dr. Sanjabi’s office, it’s a great team, it’s a great staff, personalities are great. Like I said, it makes you feel at home. When you come to that decision together, nothing can beat that, rather than going into somewhere where, yes, you’re kind of fortunate, then you have second thoughts, and here, you guys are solid on your thoughts.

He’s great. He’ll talk to you when he has to like a doctor, but he’ll also talked to you as like a confidant, which at any good partnership, in anything you do, it’s top-notch. That’s what you’re looking for. I do get that here.

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