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Rick - all-on-x patient
"Dental Implants Have Made Me A New Person."

Hello. My name is Rick and I had the full upper and lower procedure done by Dr. Sanjabi. I was always trying to hide my smile. I was always doing just a half-smile. I remember just looking at my family pictures, with my kids, my wife, and it was just a really funny looking picture, a goofy picture. Having teeth that were missing, I was trying to hide them a lot. And also, with eating food, it was hard for me to eat food because they would get stuck in my mouth. From that point, it was just a very hard experience for me.

Having teeth that were missing, I was trying to hide them a lot.

Dr. patient portrait

Dr. Sanjabi:

Rick had not been to the dentist for many years. Many of his teeth were failing because of decay. Some had severe infections around the gums. He had lost a lot of vertical dimension. He had trouble breathing. He had sleep apnea. He wasn’t smiling. He didn’t have any confidence. He wasn’t eating healthy, and he wasn’t taking care of himself.


I came in and sat down with Dr. Sanjabi. We discussed the procedure. He made me the look at photos of before and after of people that had done it. He pointed me in the direction of doing that, and then after that, my wife and I decided to sit down and talk about it and we did. We just made a decision to do it.

Dr. Sanjabi:

For Rick, we decided to go on the All-On-X route. We placed 6 implants on top for him and 6 implants on the lower. We were able to re-establish dentition and give him back the smile and the confidence that he had lost along the way.


The implants have made me a new person. I love smiling now and my family, my kids, they all want to be around me. It’s been a wonderful experience. Just my health issues has been just a wonderful experience.

Dr. Sanjabi:

He’s very excited when he comes in because from the time that he comes in until we say our goodbyes, he just carries that beautiful, big smile and you can see that confidence in him that is just priceless.

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